To the business opportunities

The impact of electronic commerce on the people's will is huge, more than a decade, e-commerce has become an important part of production and living, this trend in the future will become more apparent. As the first e-commerce industry planning in Changsha, in the end what are the characteristics? Mao Pengcheng, "planning" for the first time clear objectives, the main task of the end of the "12th Five-and space layout. Determine the scope of the "plan": online trading activities, as well as goods and services closely related to information technology, distribution, payment, authentication and network infrastructure support service system; same time, the traditional industry and society in various fields e-commerce application guidance. clearer outline of the e-commerce industry in Changsha. follow the building of e-commerce gathering area multi-point coverage "of the spatial layout ideas, combined with the practical and industrial development needs of Changsha local. "Planning" to the end of 2015, the overall objective of the e-commerce industry development in Changsha: "e-commerce industry, a basic system"; comprehensive competitiveness of the e-commerce industry central region, the nation, including TV shopping, mobile The e-commerce industry, the country's leading "; Changsha become a regional e-commerce center city. Specifically, after three years, is expected to more than 60% the proportion of SME e-commerce applications, more than 85% the proportion of above-scale enterprises e-commerce applications, traditional enterprises to take advantage of e-commerce to achieve the transformation and upgrading. In three years, and strive to create a transaction volume of over a hundred billion at home and abroad, have an influence on the large-scale e-commerce platform. At the same time, efforts to cultivate a group of local e-commerce leading enterprises and annual transaction size of over ten billion yuan of serious e-commerce businesses, focusing on creating mobile e-commerce industry clusters, promoting the 2-3 home listed on the e-commerce businesses. To the business opportunities to consumers convenience . Affect From enterprises, the formation of the e-commerce industry system, means that enterprises more sales channels for a lower cost, more direct understanding of consumer needs and enable enterprises to produce more products to meet consumer demand. Similarly, businesses can also speed up the procurement speeds through e-commerce, to improve efficiency and effectiveness. According to the plan, Changsha will focus on the steel, construction machinery, vehicles and parts, biological medicine, new materials, electronic information, household appliances, agricultural products and other competitive industries to promote e-commerce platform, and actively in the flow of commerce, finance, insurance, education and training, digital the field of media, health care, culture, tourism, exhibition and other services to create a number of e-commerce platform.